Some budding bougainvillaea from my old garden in Brisbane.

Posted for the Seven Days of Nature Challenge where I was kindly nominated by Robin at Reflections for my Soul and Pauline at Gypsy Life – great blogs, with wonderful images.

Today I’d like to nominate my fellow Melbournite Julz from Julie Powell – Photographer and Graphic Designer. Julz is an avid blogger with a wide range of talents and interests. Her art is wonderful. The link above will take you to her images of The Twelve Apostles on The Great Ocean Road. Please check her out.

I’m also submitting it for Jude’s Macro in the Garden – Jude I hope you don’t mind that there’s so many, but you know I’m addicted to macro and all of my “Seven Days of Nature” shots are macro 😉

Olympus OMD EM5.

x desleyjane

… Seven Days of Nature (2/7)…

Posted by:desleyjane

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16 replies on “Budding Bougainvillaea

    1. LOL a new post each day featuring a nature shot, link back to this post and nominate a new person each day. I believe Robin also nominated you. I should have changed mine but it was scheduled and I forgot 😊😊


  1. I don’t mind in the least DJ, you know your photos inspire me. I even used your photographing a subject on a table idea – not a white table unfortunately, but I think it worked OK. You’ll see it on Sunday 🙂

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