I couldn’t resist posting these rosebuds. I almost didn’t, because they aren’t perfect, they are covered in little bits of debris, most likely from a bug. But I thought, well none of us is perfect, so why not?

Thanks again to Robin from Reflections for my Soul and Pauline from Gypsy Life for nominating me to join the challenge. I’ve really enjoyed posting my nature shots. Let’s face it, I’ll keep posting more nature shots quite often πŸ™‚

This macro shot is also for Jude’s Macro in the Garden challenge.

For this last day, I’d like to nominate Jeremy at Pick of my Pics to join in. Jeremy is a talented photographer and fellow mirrorless camera enthusiast. The above link will take you to his gorgeous shot of an amazing Canadian landscape.

x desleyjane

…Seven Days of Nature (7/7)…

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27 replies on “Imperfect Perfection

    1. Thanks so much for nominating me. I really enjoyed it. I’m away at a conference in the Hunter this week, so just have a few posts scheduled. But I will definitely be putting up more soon.


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