I’ve met a very cool group of people via the IGers Melbourne hashtag. Each month, we all get together to photographically investigate a particular area of the city.

In April, the meetup coincided with Earth Day and became a world-wide InstaMeet (WWIM), where people from all over the world shared their images with the same hashtags #EarthDay2016 #WWIM13

Our Melbourne meetup also included a “PropUp” event, where we were invited to bring a prop and collaborate with the other photographers to come up with some interesting photographs.

One of the organisers went via an army disposal store and picked up an old parachute and we had such a good time getting some fantastic shots – everyone was laughing, coming up with new ideas, all helping each other out, taking turns flapping the chute in the breeze. I had the best day.

I really admire the organisers of the event (one of them is the superhero in the shots below). They come up with a new meeting point each month and inspire everyone to get together and collaborate and talk and learn.

I’m so happy to have found this group. You can search on Instagram for the same meetup in your city by putting your city in place of the word Melbourne in the hashtag #IGersMelbourne – let me know if you join a meetup in your own city!

I’ve shared a number of these photos on Instagram and I will post some more within my Melbourne Streets Sunday series.

For The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration.

x desleyjane

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49 replies on “Admiration

        1. Yes! The good thing about the Instagram group is that everyone searches the relevant hashtag for the meet up and also I tagged him specifically. He was really happy with all the shots from everyone.

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  1. The featured shot is superb, but the others are too. No need to choose here. Playful and creative shots all over.
    It’s really great for you to have joined this group. I follow some of the IG’ers in Amsterdam but haven’t gone to their meet ups.
    You inspired me to give it a go.
    Great photos!!

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