I was so happy to find so many chances for macro shots on our walk through the very urban streets of Fitzroy and Carlton. In fact, I used my macro lens exclusively for the last two hours of the walk.


I found this plant outside of the diner where we finished our walk. It was (happily) waving in front of a white wall, so I was able to get my white background. Does anyone know what plant this is? The leaves look very much like mint leaves but…. 

 And this gorgeous little plant was found on our way. This one was a little tricky to shoot as it was at about hip height and had no shelter so it was waving about in the breeze quite a lot.

IGers Melbourne InstaMeet March 2016.

x desleyjane

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33 replies on “Melbourne Streets 6

  1. Fantastic shots, DJ. I love the one with the white background. I don’t think it’s mint because of the flowers. But don’t believe me as I don’t know much about plants.
    You seem to have found a nice group of photographers in Melbs. Awesome.

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    1. I love that one too. You know me and my white backgrounds! Yes they’re a cool bunch. I’m still finding my feet within the group but we’ve only met up twice. X


  2. It is mint! They get pretty purple flowers but I always pinch those off so I can get more mint and less flower. Against the white wall, they look beautiful, Desley. And the geramiums…my mom always grew those when I was growing up in New Jersey. She would dig them up in the fall and pot them for storage in our basement over our cold Jersey winters. Great memory for me. Thanks so much!

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    1. Excellent, thank you, mint!! Oh that’s so nice that it conjured up good memories for you. I’m always interested in what people get out photos. Thank you Lois.


    1. Thanks so much. That’s very true. If you then over expose and blur the lines between background and subject, you can get a dreamy, ethereal image. Depending on the subject of course!

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  3. Love the first image but I also don’t think it is mint, the flowers are very different to my mint! Hard to tell as I can’t work out the size of the flowers or how big the plant is.

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  4. Here I am Jude but I don’t think it is mint. You could squeeze the leaves next time you go by DJ. Maybe the salvia family, but that is just a guess… Nice photo though against the white background

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      1. Pauline could be on to something. Looking at the leaves again and following her suggestion of the salvia family (of which there are hundreds) I think it could be common sage. I have grown this and it does look familiar. Nice to know she agrees with me about not being mint. You could still have a go at rubbing a leaf between your fingers. Here’s a photo I tracked down (not mine)

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  5. Lovely Desley! Geraniums have such fantastic vibrant colours – they grow so easily too. I’m sure that you’ll enjoy getting shots of the flowers when they open. Beautiful shot of the mint (?)

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    1. Aren’t they marvellous plants! I love flowers, love photographing them. Turns out it’s not mint. I went back there on Saturday and crushed the leaves – not mint, not sage. And little purple flowers, so I’m really stumped!

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