We came across this gentleman as we were walking along the bank of Albert Park Lake in South Melbourne. We asked if we could take his photo and he laughed at us. He said to tell everyone that he is the retired rower.

I noticed his name on the canoe behind him so I looked him up. He joined the South Melbourne Rowing Club in 1964 and is now one of the coaches. I also emailed the club and said I would love to share this photo with him, but I didn’t hear back yet.

From the IGers Melbourne April Meetup.

x desleyjane

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24 replies on “Retired Rower. 

    1. Thank you Mara. I think it’s the years that you can see in their eyes and in the lines on their faces. And maybe they just aren’t trying so hard so you get a more candid face.


  1. I have so many photos of places that I want to share with the owners, if I can only figure out who owns some f the desert ruins I find. Thanks for giving me the inspiration to do it. I love this man’s smile and bald head!

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