Hello and welcome back to Contemplation. We’ve had 3 weeks off while I’ve been trying to get back on track. Work has been incredibly busy and as I mentioned previously, a little bit stressful. Thankfully, my weekends have been full of fun (which I’ll share with you later this week), although I haven’t had time to pick up my camera and go out shooting in such a long time and I miss it dreadfully.


So on to this week’s prompt: What’s the next book you’re going to read?

Are you a reader? I used to read voraciously! At least one book per week, often more. When I started working as a specialist I seemed to read all the time – on planes, in hotels, as an outlet on the weekend to switch off the job.

But now, all that has changed. I hardly ever read anymore. It something that I really want to change about myself. I can’t really pinpoint when I stopped, it may even be a conglomeration of things – easier and cheaper access to the internet, individual screens on airplanes, iPads, photography,blogging, Netflix.

Sometimes, I think I’m too tired to read – at the end of the day, it’s easier to stare at a screen than to read a book. Isn’t that outrageous? But sometimes, I think that’s true.  It’s easier to be fed entertainment than to work on it. It’s a bit of a copout, isn’t it?

I do read blogposts, I read a zillion emails every day, but to give myself time to sit down with a book and delve into the lives of those characters – I can’t seem to do it. I want to! Last weekend, one of my best friends came down and we spent a day building my new bookshelves and unpacking all my books (what an awesome friend!!). We made space on a couple of shelves for my “To Be Read” pile, but two shelves was nowhere near enough. I have well over 150 books that I have not yet read! I clearly WANT to read, I just haven’t been motivated to do so.

So tell me, are you a reader? How do you read? Do you have a process? A cup of tea? a favourite spot? A patch of sunshine? I have come to realise that I used to have reading rituals – the process of settling into your seat on a plane, getting out your headphones, taking your bookmark out and placing it in the back of the book – all of that feels ritualistic when it’s something that you do so often. I always sit on the left of the plane on the way out and the right side of the plane on the way back (good grief). And when I used to read at home, I would make a coffee and curl up in the same spot on my sofa with my little GG (or maybe Buddy way back then) curled up by my side – it was a spot by the window in the sunshine, with fresh air gently moving the white curtains. I can remember it so well.

I think I need to develop a new reading ritual here in my new space.

Ok, I guess I have to tell you which book I’m going to read! I have three books on the go at the moment – The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, Lover At Last by JR Ward (if a steamy vampire romance novel can’t entice me, who knows what can?) and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. So. I will finish one of those, most likely the vampire book. But I will take The Happiness Project on the tram with me.

Sorry again for taking a Contemplation Hiatus, it was very much needed, but I am very glad to be back (as you may be able to tell by this extremely long-winded and chatty post).

I hope you are all well and thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I look forward to finding out what you’re reading next 🙂

Julie Powell – Photographer and Graphic Artist

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38 replies on “Contemplation 11 – Reading List.

  1. It is easy to slip out of the reading habit. I’ve always been a compulsive reader but have found that lately I have a backlog of unread books. I think you are right; you need to create a new ritual around reading. Make space and time to enjoy the activity so it feels like a treat again.

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  2. I hope you contemplative return means the stress has lifted. Wise woman taking time out. This is a great reflection on your reading life. My dilemma is the opposite of yours. I read to excess, and to the point where tomorrow I can’t remember yesterday’s book. I spent about a year reading only non-fiction which was a discipline that gave me many treats. A ritual for a while was the slow read, usually reserved for something demanding like Joyce’s “Ulysses” or Darwin’s “Voyage of the Beagle”, done early in the morning while I was alert. Kindle is my great resource while I’m away from home, but it doesn’t make me a more thoughtful reader because it enables me to launch into the next book before the last one’s had time to settle. Stop Meg!! Write a post on your own blog. My next book? Probably the second volume of Paul Scott’s novels in the Raj quartet, about India and written from many viewpoints, if it’s anything like the first volume.

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    1. Hi Meg. I somehow missed this comment. Thank you, and sorry. Ye, the stress levels have improved. Still lots going on, but it’s ok. I haven’t managed to read anything since this post, but I have managed to unpack all my books and set up my office. I am so impressed that you manage to read Joyce and Darwin. I have attempted a couple of “slow reads” in the last few years but I failed miserably. One of them (The Luminaries) I just delegated to the Lifeline pile. Your Raj quartet sounds interesting. India does fascinate me, and multiple viewpoints must make for an interesting read.


  3. Yay glad you’re back! 😀 and I do the exact same thing, I read lots of blogs but keep falling behind with my reading. I’ll share what is on my radar currently tomorrow, awesome prompt to restart this wonderful series! X

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    1. Also I read the happiness project last year it prompted small changes in lifestyle & I generally liked the way Rubin writes, but let me know your thoughts once you’ve finished.

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  4. I don’t have a Kindle or buy books but I’m lost without a book sitting on the coffee table beside me. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t read, though I certainly do a lot less of it these days. It’s a habit to take one into the bath with me of an evening, so that’s a regular half hour, or more if it’s one I can’t put down. I have been known to fall asleep and dunk the book, so probably not recommended. 🙂 If i can possibly squeeze an hour in the garden, I’m there, with my book.

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    1. Ah the bathtub! I haven’t had a tub in my house for more than 10 years. My last house didn’t have one and my apartment now doesn’t either. But yes! I used to read in the tub 😊😊

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  5. I admit to being an avid reader and try to read every night to wind down. I look forward to writing a post in response to this prompt. I had to chuckle when I saw that you do exactly the same thing I do (and many others no doubt) with the rituals of reading, such as putting the bookmark (or boarding pass) at the back of the book and getting settled. Welcome back, I’ve missed your contemplations – hoping everything is settling down for you 🙂

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  6. Ooh! I hope I can find time to get to this one. So much of what you said rings true to me, but I could really go off on a tangent with this prompt. 🙂

    How far are you into The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? I think I was nearly 200 pages in before I stopped hating it. Everyone I knew was telling me to keep reading it because it was going to get better. It did get better, and I ended up reading the sequels.

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    1. I’m about 100 pages in I think. It’s so slow going. I have all three of them, just need to plough through I guess.
      Looking forward to yours – tangents are encouraged 😄😄

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  7. I think blogging is such an addictive pastime, you were sensible to take time out, but pleased to see you back. I do not read as much as I used too. What I do read/browse are non fiction books, usually on my current passion or project, and just dip in and out of them. I now get all my reading from the library, about a dozen at a time. Occasionally I will find a novel to get into. The girl with the dragon tattoo I read all the series and watched the videos. Also like the Jody Picoult books. Jack read The happiness project and told me I should read it too, he thought it was very good. Must be getting cooler down your way, it has cooled down here this week.

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    1. Non-fiction is good! Actually a few years ago I started reading all sorts of photography books and magazines. Yes cold! I walked GG yesterday at 8am and it was 2 degrees. Today at about 9 was 4 degrees. Thank goodness for heaters, beanies and big wooly blankets!


      1. Have you heard of the big storm due to hit us tomorrow? 150-200mm of rain and winds to 100km/hr + King tides. I was going to Gov house open day, but will be staying home now, possibly reading a book all battened down…

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        1. I did hear about that on Facebook! Good idea to stay home. It started raining here today and is forecast to last a whole week. But nothing exciting, just drizzle.


            1. Another one in spam! What is going on? I know from other comments that you’re all good after the storm. Sorry for the spam issue! Jude’s comments went there as well.


  8. Internet has killed my reading habit too. I still keep getting new books all the time, but am waiting for a solar storm to kill the net (or something). I used to read all the time and was rarely happier than while reading. I also don’t watch films any more (but keep piling them up). As if I can feel that both, books and films, will be there, waiting for me patiently to be ready again.

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