I really enjoy Instagram. It’s fun to play with editing and filters and the content I post is often more candid and casual – iPhone snaps, food and friends, things I come across on my wanderings or edits I play with while watching TV.

I post there quite regularly and am always interested to see which hashtags attract people. I’ve noticed that my local community is quite active and whenever I add #BrunswickEast or #3057 (our post code), I get a lot of traffic from locals and local businesses. I think it’s great to connect with the local community. I have found a place that makes the best ANZAC muffins thanks to Instagram and the 3057 hashtag.

So I thought I would start sharing my week on Instagtam with you. These are actually from the last two weeks, sorry I cheated a little 🙂

Sunroof Daydreams
Busy Bar at Hellenic Republic
Waiting For My Show to Start
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
A Splash of Red on a Grey Day
Street Affirmations
Real Australians Say Welcome

Are you active on Instagram? I have connected with many of you there. Is there another social media platform you prefer to use?
It’s all about community, isn’t it? I think we, as bloggers, crave that interaction with others. I know I do.

If you’re on Instagram and we haven’t connected there yet, please come find me @desleyjane

x desleyjane

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30 replies on “My Week on Instagram

  1. Instagram? I have an account. Like five photos up. Maybe three followers. I actually don’t know how to use it. I don’t know what a # does or is for. I should learn, eh? Does it help your blog at all…for traffic? Is the red in the photo the way it was, or did you make it that way? did you change your theme again, or am I lost again?

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    1. Oh yes I am one of your followers!! I don’t think I get much traffic from there to my blog, but I don’t very often point people here. Yes hashtags are important. Without them, only your followers see your posts. The red was pretty red but I did up the contrast which darkens it slightly. I desaturated the rest of the image but it was fairly black and white apart from some muddy brown in the bottom left. No I didn’t change my theme again. Well I did but a few months ago and I’m sure you commented back then 😊


      1. I guess I don’t even know what a hashtag does??
        I thought maybe you took a B&W shot with only the color red showing. My camera does that.
        I remember you changing your theme, I didn’t think this was it, though.

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    1. Yes it is just photos but you add hashtags to your post (much like the tags on WP) and you can also tag people or businesses. So if I take a photo of my coffee, I’ll use #melbourne #coffee #nameofthecafe #melbournecoffee #breakfast etc etc and then people who follow one of those tags will see your photo. You can like and comment on posts. Ah thanks PP, GG is doing really well. Foot is healing well but will need a couple of weeks before fully repaired. 😊


  2. I have very much enjoyed hanging out with you on Instagram. Have been a bit absent as of late given we were without internet for a good portion of our sail to The Whitsundays. Wil be back soon. Nice to see this recap – some images I had seen and loved and others are new to me, but just as great.

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    1. I just replied to your comment on my comment on your post 😉 from the reader before remembering that I can’t comment from the reader! I grew up in the Whitsundays, it’s gorgeous! Enjoy your time there. Thanks so much for your lovely comments. Hopefully see you again someday soon!

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      1. I received your comment before losing Internet again. What a delightful area to grow up in. So nice that we are extending our stay in the area. I am responding from beautiful Nara Inlet off Hook Island. We will head to Cid Harbour next, then back to Airlie Beach to pick up a camera, then back to Hook Island, Hook Reef and then not sure. Any ‘don’t miss’ recommendations?

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        1. It really was lovely. I’ll be heading up there next month hopefully for a visit with my family. It’s been so long since I’ve been north of there. I grew up in Sarina, which is just south of Mackay. And Mackay is south of Airlie Beach, so you’ve been passed there already. I think you’re seeing the best of it, such pretty beaches!

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          1. I wish I was going to be there during your visit. Sadly, we are now en route to Townsville having left the beautiful Whitsundays in our wake. Managed to get in a couple of days at Hook and Bait Reefs on our way out of town. Delightful

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            1. I wish that as well. Townsville is not one of my favourite places. But Magnetic Island is up that way, we went there for a holiday when I was little and I remember it being so much fun.

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