This is a different view of the VCCC – Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre. It’s taken from the hall outside my office, through the glass window. My office is the blue building in front. The VCCC is the tall building poking out from behind it.

I’ve been struck by this view every day when I go into the office. I never have my phone with me when I go past this section but today I deliberately went back and got my phone. 

I love the various tones of blue in this photo. It’s such a spectacular building. Costing one billion dollars, it is just across the road from us and is the country’s premiere cancer research and treatment centre. In addition, it has resulted in ten leading cancer centers from all around the world sharing knowledge and resources for this important research. 

I took this photo, with my iPhone 6, for Lisa’s iPhriday event, where we share snaps from our phones. For me, I haven’t used any other camera in over a month. It’s been very busy and I haven’t really had the motivation but, you know, as long as I have my iPhone, I’m still shooting almost every day. 

I hope you’ve had a fabulous week and best wishes for a glorious weekend. It’s a long weekend here, which is something I’m SO looking forward to. 

x desleyjane

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20 replies on “iPhriday – Tones of Blue

    1. Thanks Meg. Yes I know, so slack of me! I’ve stopped carrying my camera everywhere, which is a bad decision by the way. I’ll start taking it again. I’m interested in getting different skies behind it. The purple is fabulous, isn’t it? I met someone who says their new office is behind the solid black panel lower down and so he has no window!!! Oops.


    1. Isn’t it amazing? Such an inspiring place to work I bet. I’ve seen some photos from inside and it looks so cool, lots of angles and lines. It’s not open to the public yet, but one of my fellow Instagrammers will be working there and he’s had a tour.

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  1. If I built a building I would never in a million years choose those colors. I’m so glad that someone else did! It’s so cool!

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  2. Funny…I have taken photos with my iPhone of where I work, also. And love them. And love the quality…am totally surprised at the quality and how good the shots turn out. Who needs to carry a heavy camera?

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    1. The iPhone camera can be so fabulous, especially in good light. And the editing apps are so cool as well. I’m thinking about posting some app editing tips in my Instagram posts….


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