img_7990Welcome again to Contemplation, a writing prompt where I share a page from my Kikki.K A Sentence A Day Journal and invite you to share your responses alongside mine, using the tag Contemplation. This journal contains space on each page for 3 entries, so I will work in it for 3 years and each year can see how my responses change (or don’t!).

So far, we’ve contemplated friendship, parents, pets, many things, even scents!

The prompt I’ve chosen for this week is: What was the mood of the day?

It’s hard to pin down a single mood of the day, so let’s go through them.

Today is Monday and a Public Holiday in Melbourne, in much of Australia actually, for the Queen’s Birthday. As usual, it was wonderful to have an extra day off – so the first mood was one of relief. I was able to sleep in. The days are getting colder and colder here all the time, and the sunrise is getting later. Today, sunrise was at 7:30am, and while I woke with the sun (no alarm, yay!) I went back to bed and dozed happily until 9am. How decadent.

I walked Gidget in the cold, crisp air (7C) and then spent much of the day pottering about the house. I am preparing for a trip to Sydney this week – my first trip to Sydney since I moved to Melbourne 5 months ago. It’s been a long time coming and it’s given me mixed moods. Firstly, I’m a little…. anxious is not the right word, but it’s close…. I have settled well into my space here and I have been telling myself that I don’t really want to travel anymore. I feel like I might have gotten out of the habit of travelling, but I’m sure I’ll fall right back in again.

You see, on the other hand, I’m quite looking forward to my trip, we might even call it an excited mood. It’s for work, I’m doing presentations internally to staff and externally to scientists. I’m training scientists on how to use the microscope they just purchased from us. I’m going to see a super cool 3D room which will display see of our microscopic images so that they fill the room – I’ll be taking my camera and trying to capture this session. I love all of these tasks, interaction with people and technology, it’s exciting and challenging and always different.

And I’ll be catching up with all my Sydney colleagues, some of whom have become good friends. We speak on the phone all the time, but of course there’s something special about catching up in person. I’ll be having dinners with colleagues, dinners with friends and spending Saturday with my graffiti-friend from my iPhriday post a week ago. Oh and we’ll be going to see The Conjuring 2 and hoping that it’s a GOOD horror movie!

So, is it ok that today has 3 moods? Relief, anxiety and excitement? Just between you and me, if I had to choose one, it would be excitement. I’m really looking forward to my trip.

How about you? What was the mood of your day today?

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29 replies on “Contemplation – Mood

  1. I forgot to write a post for last week’s contemplation!!!!! So sorry but I must admit you probably didn’t really want to know how I was feeling so I’ll jump in and do this week’s before forget it too! I’m so excited for you to be travelling again and I think it’s quite normal to feel all those emotions. Have fun and take lots of pics to share 🙂

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  2. Today was happy DJ, meeting friends having lunch then going to a movie. Now I am feeling contented as I wander around the cyber world of WP “chatting” with WP community. Have a great time in Sydney and hope it is a bit warmer than Melbourne.

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    1. Sounds like a great day PP. What movie did you see? Don’t you love chatting in this little WP community? Thanks, I hear the temperature in Sydney is double that in Melbourne (in the daytime at least!!).


  3. I love the diverse moods of your day, and the details that explain them. For me yesterday began as a cranky day, which is a bit unusual. Being awake at 3am didn’t help, nor did an email from a friend that I read as an announcement that she was too busy for friendly communication. Then it was humiliation: I misread my appointment time at the hairdresser because of the continental “1” and no shared language, and was half an hour late. I waited for a later appointment while the hairdresser sat and read a paper. Then the mood changed to light-hearted, as we laughed about my language problems and she hauled me to where she needed me with the towel around my neck. I managed to say a few words and told her “My daughter has twins” in Polish. The mood didn’t even darken when I realised I had a fringe. A lunchtime sleep meant I could be playful with the twins after school, drawing a chalk hopscotch and an unacceptable dog being rescued by Maja’s helicopter. I too have anticipations: a few days in Gdańsk on Thursday, and a few days with a few blogger friends here the week after – one from England and one from Sweden, travelling together. (I hope you don’t mind me musing here rather than in a blog post of my own.)

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    1. No I don’t mind at all! I thoroughly enjoy your musings. What is a continental 1?? The email from your friend sounds tricky. I received something similar a few years ago but it was a friendship termination notice because she believed I had no time for her anymore! Very strange experience. I love that you were surprised to have a fringe. It sounds like not a bad day in the end since you didn’t let your mood darken. I hope you enjoy your visits with your blogger friends – how exciting!


      1. It seems to have a long stroke on the lhs- I mistook it for a scribbled 4. And coincidentally, Maja corrected the simple l I wrote on the hopscotch and added that tail. It looks like this – 1 – nothing mysterious.

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