As many of you know, I’ve been mostly away from blogging for the last 3-4 weeks. Mainly since Gidget had her accident. It has been a lot of work to take care of her while still working and I also got sick with a bug and a sinus infection.

Throughout all the stress, I have been so lucky to have my three closest friends around me at some point on the weekends and so for today’s iPhriday post, I wanted to share some of my favourite iPhone shots with you. Thanks to Lisa at Gray Days and Coffee for hosting iPhriday, where we share shots from our phones. These were all taken over the last three weekends.

My friend Moana and I did not get any shots together this time, as we were too busy having delicious brunches at some of Melbourne’s coolest cafes, as evidenced by this before and after shot of our S’mores Waffles (we shared one!):img_8659

Moana still lives in Brisbane but she has been to visit a couple of times since I moved and I went back to Brisbane for her birthday last month. You can see photos of us previously here and here. It’s been so good seeing her so often.

My friend, Agatha, coincidentally moved to Melbourne about a month after I did. She grew up here and the three of us are very good friends. Here we are goofing about at dinner. We were super impressed with the hair of the lady in the background. It was so high and didn’t move one bit over the couple of hours we were there!

These last few shots I just love. Tony and I were hanging out all day, visiting cafes, shopping and chatting. And then we decided to get a few shots with the graffiti. One thing I love about Melbourne – you can find some cool graffiti almost anywhere.

What fun to have a willing model and a fun one!! Tony lives in Sydney, so it’s always fabulous to catch up whenever we’re in the other one’s city. 

x desleyjane


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23 replies on “iPhriday – Friends

    1. Oooh, iFriends! How did I not think of that! GG was hit by a car about a month ago and had a broken foot – the photos are so cute if you find them. It was Contemplation 10 I think. Thanks so much 🙂


  1. How lovely to have friends all over the country–and how lovely that you make time to visit each other.
    It looks like you’ve had a lot of fun with your friends, Desley, which sounds like it was much needed with the stress of Gidget’s accident! Hope she is healing well.

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