I’m cheating this week for iPhriday and sharing a photo that I’ve already shared on Instagram. It’s a shot from my iPhone while sitting in traffic this week. I love the clouds and the graffiti of the bird on the building in front. But what attracted me to taking the shot was the lines in the side view mirror.

Jump in and share your snaps from your phone with Lisa from GrayDaysandCoffee. We can often capture shots with our phones that we just wouldn’t have time to get with our “real” cameras.

I edited this photo using the iOS Photos app and the Camera+ app for clarity.

I am supposed to be out at a night shoot in the city but it was cancelled due to bad weather. It’s currently 5 degrees Celsius and it snowed in the hills today! So unusual for Australia. You can see a photo of a snow covered emu here.

Happy Friday everyone!

x desleyjane

Posted by:desleyjane

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15 replies on “iPhriday – Side View Mirror

  1. Not cheating! (I say this because I’m a photo recycler too and I don’t want to feel guilty!!) This photo rocks. The composition is perfect, and I like your level of black saturation and contrast.

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