For The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners.


This photo was taken in Amsterdam when I visited Lucile on King’s Day. I thought they looked so cool standing there, like models posing for a photo shoot. I love this photo (even though it’s not so sharp) and have never shared it before. I have desaturated the colours slightly – I like the effect this gives, a more muted look. I think Lucile has virtually the same shot, as we were shoulder to shoulder at the front of the boat, snapping away furiously.

I am again feeling reminiscent about my trip there, longing to go back.

Sometimes, when I read the prompt, I have no idea what to post. But today, I knew right away that this is the one I wanted. 

Happy Weekend everyone!

x desleyjane

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27 replies on “Partners

  1. Oh my goodness! it looks as though they are posing for you between the window boxes. And how serendipitous to have a bike in the image too. So Amsterdam! Love this one DJ šŸ™‚

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