I spotted this Dad and Daughter skateboarding in Albert Park, they were adorable.

I can’t decide whether I prefer a landscape or portrait orientation for this shot.

Oh, and I couldn’t resist the colour splash 😉


IGers Melbourne April InstaMeet.

x desleyjane

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19 replies on “Melbourne Streets 16

  1. Landscape, for my money! The portrait seems a bit cramped, doesn’t give the context, and somehow diminishes the tenderness of the father’s caring. I love the conservation of the pink, though. Dare I ask how?

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    1. Oh thank you! Good reasons! The pink – I just used Lightroom to desaturate all the other colors. You can also do this with other software. For example, on your phone with the Pixlr app, you can select “Splash” and just select the helmet. Then everything that isn’t that colour is converted to black and white.


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