She trudged along behind him, sulking while he whistled his way through the woods. She didn’t want to be here, she hated the outdoors. Let’s spend the day together, he’d said. Of course she’d assumed they would have a long leisurely brunch at her favorite cafe, take a walk through the shopping district so she could try on shoes, maybe see a film…. But no, she was rudely awakened by him ripping the covers off her and proudly announcing that they were going hiking. In the woods. In nature. He knows she hates bugs. And humidity. And animals. The only good animal is one you can wear. She had been saying that for years. She thought it was hilarious. She stopped, slapping her leg at the mosquitos. She looked up into the trees. It was still so dark, what was the point in being here??

She heard a rustling behind her and turned to take a look but there was nothing there. Actually it seemed to have gone very quiet. Where was that stupid whistling? He knew she hated that song. And hated whistling. Adam? she called, and heard a small echo in return. She whined his name a few times, each time the sound of her voice becoming more and more irritated. God she hated this. She sat and took out her phone, figuring she’d just stay here and play Candy Crush until he came back to find her. She was thirsty but Adam had the water in his pack. Of course she’d refused to carry anything so she had nothing with her but her phone and her sour attitude.

There was that rustling again. And no other sounds. What was the deal with it being so quiet? Her skin started to prickle. This was getting creepy.

She stood to go looking for Adam and suddenly he was there. She could see him looking at her coldly and holding what looked like a long, rounded stick and then she became aware of the sting in her leg. She looked down and saw a feather protruding from her thigh. A feather? What? How? She didn’t understand but soon it didn’t matter as her mind rapidly clouded and her muscles gave out and she slumped to the cold wet ground. She didn’t hear as nature restarted.


For iPhriday, hosted by the lovely Lisa at GrayDaysAndCoffee.

I thought that for today’s iPhriday I would add a story. I have been travelling again, just arrived home last night, and those of you who remember Dark Side Thursday, will know that I tend to write short stories on airplanes. And it’s happening again.

I took the photo today while running around, getting groceries, a little shopping, picking up Gidget from the minder. In fact, this entire post was done on my phone. I used the iPhone Photos app, the Camera+ app and the Pixlr app to edit the photo. On the plane, I wrote the story in the Evernote app and just cut and paste into the WordPress app for configuring and posting.

I hope you’re all having a marvellous Friday and I wish you a very happy weekend.

x desleyjane

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11 replies on “Story in the Woods

  1. You’re so good at suspense stories. I love that you broke the tension a bit with her playing candy crush! Are you going to continue the story? (aka–are you flying again soon? 🙂 )

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