The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning.

Of course, this is not my usual morning, I wish I was that organised. This is from a still life workshop, hosted by the lovely Julz (Julie Powell). We had a fantastic day, with many more photos to come!

And inspired by my blogging friend Susan Rushton, who posted a wonderful collection of photos of Roses Laced With Morning Dew, I’m adding these photos taken from my morning walk with Gidget. I’ve never tried macro on my iPhone before, so I used the Camera+ App to get these shots.

Happy Weekend everyone!

x desleyjane

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25 replies on “Morning Light

    1. Thank you!! Yes Julie here on WP happens to live in Melbourne and she has a studio at her home. We belong to the same Facebook photography groups where we have various excursions and workshops. Julie ran one last weekend where we got to run amok in her studio with all her lights and mirrors and pulleys and backdrops, lots of fun. We all brought props and things too so there’ll be more shots coming from this one. 😊😊


  1. Looks like the sort of chaos I make every day! Love the flowers too, though phone images are never very sharp when viewed at full size I find. OK on screen though and these are a snazzy colour.

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    1. Thanks Jude. LOL yes chaos I should really be making myself right now instead of relying on coffee as fuel.
      Those flowers are cute, I see them everyday, they’re about half an inch across!


  2. Lovely still life shots and flower photography.

    You didn’t have the 60 macro with you for the flower shots? I’ve seen those macro lenses you can attach to your phone. Have you ever tried those? I’m not sure if they’re worthwhile or not.

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    1. Thank you! No I don’t bring my camera on the dog walk in the morning although I’m tempted to start bringing it! I haven’t used any phone lenses yet. Actually I noticed the Apple Store has some pretty interesting looking lenses available. I’m not sure though, maybe I should leave the phone at home and bring the camera!


  3. I love the oats, blueberries and raspberries photo. YUM! I’ve been enjoying fresh blueberries from my garden for the past week and a half. 🙂 I’m very much looking forward to raspberry season.

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