I’m sorry I’ve been so absent again lately. I’ve been travelling for work again, back to Brisbane, but was sick again the entire time. Maybe I’m allergic to Brisbane (lol) or more likely, people on planes have too many bugs to share. Actually, I lost my voice on Saturday and didn’t get back properly until yesterday (Thursday). It’s still not quite right, but it’s definitely getting there πŸ™‚

So while I was in Brisbane, I didn’t feel well enoughΒ to go out shooting after each long day in the lab. I didn’t use my camera even once! I wish I did. This trip was predominantly in a microscopy room – which is a room that is always in the dark, since light tends to effect the imaging. It would have been nice to be out in the sunshine. But I did snap a few what-I-call-situational (10 points if you get that reference!) iPhone shots, which I posted to Instagram, and I’ll share those with you here now for Lisa’s iPhriday event. Lisa is on a brief blogging break, but she’s happy for us to continue on in her absence.

I hope you are all well, and I hope to be back to visiting your worlds again very soon.

x desleyjane

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12 replies on “iPhriday – Instagram Catchup

    1. Hahaha, always better with a touch of pink. Much better health now thank you. Still have a cough I can’t shake but I’m told that’s the seasonal asthma. Fabulous. Thank you again.


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