I’ve just arrived back to Melbourne from Sydney. I was there all week for a sales and marketing meeting, but I went up on the Saturday and spent a wonderful evening with good friends.


On Sunday, I spent the day with another good friend, we had lunch and took a drive through the northern beaches. Such a slow and lazy Sunday, so nice to catch up, laugh, relax and just be. It had rained overnight and a small storm rolled in at about lunchtime, but it soon cleared up.

Whale Beach (HDR merge in LightRoom)

On the way back, maybe an hour before sunset, I spotted the light over the water and we had to stop and catch some shots.

Palm Beach (Panorama merge in LightRoom)

And here’s a black and white to round out the series:

Palm Beach (Black and White)

The week following was packed full of work, but it was mostly good fun and quite rewarding. And always good to catch up with the rest of the team.

I hope you had a great week and I wish you a very happy weekend.

x desleyjane

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