Thank goodness for Julz or I might never get any photography done these days! This is another series from an afternoon in her studio.

We were immersed in darkness, with nothing but Julie’s coveted light wand and the faint glow from our camera screens to show us the way. What fun we had!

Here is our red rose, in white light:

All of these photos were shot with my macro lens. I admit it, I’m an addict. I can’t function without this lens. I’m sure people think I’m mad when I say that. But it is what it is. I’m not ashamed πŸ™‚

So I got in super close, switched to manual focus and we painted the rose with light from the wand.

And now for some colour. The light wand has a series of coloured LED bulbs, so we tried them all out!

I am in love with the paler blue. I describe it as dusty blue velvet, and it’s covered in little jewels of water. So pretty and amazing to see. We were thrilled after almost every pass of the wand.

I’ll leave you with the setup that we used:


And of course we deconstructed this rose. Those before and after shots are coming soon!

x desleyjane



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28 replies on “Painted Rose

  1. Haha. I think I need a Julz too. I’m not getting much photography done these days.

    Nice work! Painting with light is one of those things I want to try “someday”. But, you know what they say about “someday”… it never comes.

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