This is a little session in light painting, again with Julz. You can see the tracks of the wand reflected in the bulb. I love the backdrop in these shots, it’s really lovely.

Caged Flower, Light Painted

I find it a little cold. It’s a nice picture, but it’s cold and lacking something. I took another shot and converted to a warm black and white and I find this one much more appealing. The conversion to mono has removed the bright contrast in all of the colour tones – the white background, the timber base, the yellow flower.

Caged Flower, Light Painted, Monochrome

Finally, we turned on the edison light and I took three shots at different exposures to create this warm and golden HDR.

Caged Flowers & Light, HDR

By using HDR, we’re able to get all the detail, while also keeping the shape of the bulb filament.

Oh, and here’s our rose again:

Caged Rose, Golden Glow

x desleyjane

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17 replies on “Caged Flowers

  1. I like the warmth, not sure you need the flower at all and I really don’t like the red. I’d like to see this with just the random petals and the berries. An interesting process.

    Now tell me, is that wallpaper in the background? I like THAT a lot!

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