I consider myself to my own worst critic. Although maybe not. Maybe there are people out there who hate what I do. That’s ok, but not what I want to hear of course. 

I feel like I have a good handle on what makes a good photograph. I pore over my shots when editing and strive to get them just how I want them. I carefully curate each shoot, only selecting the ones that I really feel convey the right message or invoke a certain feeling. 

Even though I love to write, photographs usually replace words for me. 

I have had an Instagram account (@desleyjane) since October 23rd, 2011. Almost 5 years! And I’m still under 400 followers. Like most people, I didn’t really know what I was doing at the beginning and it was only in the last 12-18 months that I really started to take it seriously. 

It had become my favourite social media platform. 

Again, I generally am quite careful about what I post there. Definitely more iPhone shots than “real camera” shots. But still, they aren’t just snaps and I always edit them to ensure a good shot. These days, each photo tends to earn between 35 and 45 “likes”. Lately, I’ve been getting up around 50-60 with some of my light painting shots. 

What surprised me this week, was the response to a very simple iPhone snap. I had just attended some talks from 8 students at Monash University and my colleague and I decided to have a quick bite at Primary Cafe before heading off to our next meeting. 

While sipping our coffees, I noticed the cute salt and pepper pots – they were a miniature beaker and a miniature conical flask, just like we used to use in the lab. 
I was a very quick snap, the lighting wasn’t great, the framing was mediocre but I liked the general sparseness of the shot. I quickly cropped to square, converted to black and white and increased the exposure to try to mitigate the shadow on the left of the picture. I then uploaded it to Instagram with a bunch of hashtags and promptly forgot about it because my meatball sandwich arrived. 

That post has now earnt over 100 likes, in just two days. So weird. In my opinion, it is by no means one of my best shots. I painstakingly chose most of the other shots in my feed and yet this is the one that people like the most, resonate with, enjoy?

I can’t really explain it. Maybe it was the time of day. Maybe they’re all uni students who frequent that cafe. Maybe they really like salt and pepper. Or science. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll do some investigating. 

In some ways, this makes me frustrated. How do you decide what you “like”? Or is it the hashtags getting me the love? Either way, I’m happy for the love ❤️ 

Lots of questions. I’m not sure there are answers. 

Please come find me on Instagram if you’re there and drop me a line. Let’s share the love. 

Happy iPhriday and happy weekend to you. 

x desleyjane 

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23 replies on “iPhriday – A Surprising Instagram Moment

  1. I really like this shot too. I’d go so far as to say that it’s one of my fav’s of yours. Don’t get me wrong… I love your characteristic attention to quality and detail, but the subject matter in this one is just so darn cute, and the b&w and the exposure works really well. Perhaps instinct overrode your conscious scrutinizing?

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  2. I agree with Amy and what she says about the shot. It’s simple but cute and I think if I saw that on insta, I’d definitely like it (in fact, since I’m following you and haven’t been on insta in a while, let me go like it now! ;))
    Insta is weird though. The photos that you least expect to get likes will get the most likes. People like really random things on there but I think that’s also what makes it so fun!
    Have a funtastic weekend! X

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    1. LOL thank you so much. Yes definitely weird. But like I said it’s my favourite platform usually and the first place I go on my phone when I wake up. Sad I guess. My weekend was awesome, went to a wedding. I have the day off today to get a much-needed haircut so it continues!!! I hope yours was funtastic as well hun x.

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  3. I know exactly what you mean Desley, I have had a similar experience recently and can’t explain it Maybe Instagram has changed something int heir algorithms but I’ve had quite out of character likes lately too. For photos that I didn’t necessarily think would do that well. My tech savvy instagramming daughter says it’s all about the hashtags but I don’t know! I do like this photo but you always have creative, clever pics and I love them all! Some things are not to be understood maybe. Well done on the response to this shot, it’s well deserved.

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    1. Thanks Deb. Thanks for getting me 😊 I agree that it’s likely the hashtags and the time of day. I will try it again (as many of the same hashtags and same time of day) when I have an appropriate pic. Thanks again x.

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  4. I love your mystification, your speculation, and the detailed story behind this particular photo. I’m often mystified by people who choose to follow my blog, the ones that can’t expect commercial advantage, but seem to have no common ground with me at all. It’s a weird world out there.

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    1. Thanks, yes I was very mystified. It can be extremely weird. And yes the same on my blog too. Some follows seem so randomn. I hope you’re well! I haven’t been reading a lot of blogs lately. I’ve come back up to Brisbane for a wedding and we’ve been flat out 😊

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  5. One of the things I enjoy about blogging / Facebook / photo a day is seeing what other people like. I am often surprised that my favourites do not get many likes, whilst some of my “ordinary” pics are well liked.

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