A quick note before the real post starts: It’s 7pm on Friday night. I’ve been away all week for work, arrived home very very late last night and have spent the day catching up on so much work missed during the week. I’ve really missed the blogging world and all of you guys, so I thought I would sit down and write this post to share with you and then spend a bit of time reading through what I’ve missed here lately.


Australian flowers can be quite striking. But also quite harsh. Often spiky and strange-looking.


It’s definitely striking, but not pretty at all really. Take a look at the close-ups. The insides of this flower look almost alien-like.


But how about we go closer again, and play with the focus a little. I’m sure I can make something pretty happen!


I knew it could become something soft and pretty.

But wait! Here are my favourites! Although you already have a preview from the feature image….




You can imagine how absolutely in love I am with this lush pink picture. I’ve made it the background on my LinkedIn page and I think it might also become my new business card – what do you think?


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34 replies on “The Flower Edit

  1. I absolutely love these Desley. The pink one is luscious and would be great on a business card. You have done an amazing job wit the editing and I think they are all beautiful. Well done you!

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  2. It would make a great business card – the filaments (or whatever they are) would be pointing towards the details. Many Australian flowers look exotic to me. I particularly like the second largest picture (top left) on the last block of four.

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  3. The image you’re looking at for a business card is so you! And metaphorically it points to a many-pronged and multi-talented approach to … whatever form your business takes. I look forward to seeing the card design. The other shots are also wonderful, but I do take issue with your claim that it’s not pretty and has to be pinkified to make it so!!!

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    1. Ah thanks Meg. That is such a lovely idea!
      Haha sorry about the pink, I guess what I really meant is that it’s not that pretty in the traditional sense when you look closely. But when you get even closer, it starts to have some charm. The pink was just a bonus 😊😊


  4. DJ, you’ve made it look so alive and interesting to see pink on pink. Did U mean to have it on your “personal Bz card”?? Not sure how the AXT Blue & White colour scheme will blend in with the pink? btw, I LOVE your “Art Wank” – a term used in MONA, Hobart.


    1. Thank you Joshi – I must apologise for taking so long to reply. I have been travelling and also setting up another website, and it has taken me away from blogging. I hope you are well!


    1. Well now. That’s the question. You can buy a program to upload from your computer. But what I do is transfer my photos to my iPhone (actually all my photos are stored on a cloud drive, accessible from anywhere as long as I have internet) and then upload to IG from the phone. Instagram, as I understand it, is supposed to be “instant” so they don’t let you schedule posts or anything like that. Easiest way is to upload from the phone.


  5. Well I happen to think proteas ARE lovely. This looks like a pin-cushion protea. I hope you had a good Christmas DJ – I have missed your wonderful floral photography and hope that you find time in 2017 to get back to the blog. Happy 2017 my friend 🙂


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