A life update is required, it’s been so long and so much has happened, but today instead I want to share with you some macro magic with flowers because I’ve missed doing this so much.

I put together this bouquet for the new years holidays, it’s pink and pretty and I wanted some flowers to photograph.

Pink and Pretty Bouquet


a pencil for scale
And of course Miss Gidget was with me the whole time, even if she wasn’t very amused at being ignored in favour of flowers again!
Grumpy GG
x desleyjane

PS here is an iPhone shot of the complete bouquet. I thought it was pretty cute.

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18 replies on “Mums, Gerberas and Baby’s Breath

  1. Love the flowers in all their manifestations. Especially since today is forecast to hit -17Ā°! I’m particularly in awe of the matching base for the complete bouquet, which is indeed a beauty. I’m glad you showed us the wood as well as the trees.

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    1. Wow -17! It’s 37 here! Shocker. Oh yes that table doily thing. It’s brilliant isn’t it? I got it at a linen party years ago. I haven’t ever been able to find anything else like it. It adds a wonderful pop of colour (handily pink) to my room.

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  2. Ahhhh, I have SO missed your floral offerings DJ. Love the first image, so beautiful. And I must ask you, though I am sure you must have said somewhere before, what breed is Miss G? She is such a sweetie.

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