I recently posted Five Minutes @ Hellenic Republic which was a nice little challenge from one of my photography groups. After chatting with Robyn from Captivate Me, we decided to make it a weekly event and I ask you to join in the challenge. Robyn came up with the clever hashtag “regularrandom” so we will use that to find each other in the Reader.

What’s this all about?

This challenge is designed to make you think about how you take photographs, how you use your scene, even how you edit.

Choose a scene or an object and keep fixed on that object, and shoot for just five minutes.   You can move around the object or scene but try not to interfere with it. See what happens in that five minutes, what changes, how the light changes, what comes into the frame or leaves the frame, or what other parts of the object you can focus on or use to your advantage.

Everyone can spare five minutes, right?

How does it work?

Every Sunday (I’m in Australia, so you may see it on Saturday), I will post my Five Minutes of RegularRandom. Simply tag your post regularrandom and pingback to my post so we can find you in the comments.

Ok on to this week – this week, I spent my five minutes with Ms Robot. She is hot pink and fabulous. I placed her in one spot on a little table on my balcony and loaded up my macro lens and shot for five minutes. In this case, I didn’t move Ms Robot, I moved myself and shot her from as many angles as I could imagine.

I love the results, she is an intricate lady and was a lot of fun to shoot.

Please join in when you can, I’d love to see your five minutes of random.

x desleyjane

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15 replies on “Five Minutes with Ms Robot #regularrandom

      1. I love these robots! My adult son has one floating around somewhere too. I really like the way you explored all the angles and gave us close ups as well. Great titles!
        This is going to be a fun process, learning to be more spontaneous!! 😀😀


  1. I like the idea of this challenge. It took me off to one spot – any spot – in my Potato Point bush.i think I’ll join in when I get home. Is Ms Robot purely decorative? She’s certainly that. And you’ve photographed her with love.

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    1. Thanks Meg, it would be fab of you to join – can’t wait to see! Yes, she is functional, moving when you wind her up. Although I haven’t tried her in a while – I should do that! I do love her 🙂


  2. Only you could have a delightful hot pink lady robot! What a fabulous little lady she is! I love all of the shots and especially the Player. I also note the bright pink shelves behind her. It’s a good idea – now I just need to think about what I could use as a subject…

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    1. Thanks Su – it certainly was a challenge to consider as many angles as possible. Someone in the group got very inventive and used some really cool objects between the subject and the camera – looking forward to trying that next week, and looking forward to seeing what you come up with! Thanks again.

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