One of our photography groups is running a 52 week challenge, with a new prompt each week. The first week was #5Minutes, where we were tasked to take as many photos as we wanted, within 5 minutes, with the camera capturing the same location.

I chose a restaurant near me, it’s a fabulous Greek place, run by George Colombaris, one of TV’s MasterChef hosts. Actually, we spent New Year’s Eve there, we’ve been there quite a few times, it’s great.

Here are my 5 Minutes. Would you like to join me? Have a go at taking as many pics as you like within 5 minutes at one spot. It’s fun and it’s quick and you might surprise yourself with a fun result!

I played around with edition, of course, to add to the fun.

If you join in, use the tag 5Minutes so we can find you.

x desleyjane

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19 replies on “Five Minutes @ Hellenic Republic

  1. A great concept which I’ll appropriate sometime, if it’s not copyright. You’ve really imaged Hellenic Republic beautifully, with all that action. Good advertising with the building centre stage. Shortly I’m off to lunch with my daughter at Mozaika, an eating place a few doors away: it strikes me that that would be a good place to post myself – it’s snowy at the moment, with blue lights in the trees outside.

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