Ok, back to macarons, this is the second last one. I’m saving my favourite til last!

This is a peanut butter and jelly macaron, with a peanut butter cream filling and a little centre of raspberry jam. OMG so good. And so pretty!

I hope you’re savouring the sweet life!

x desleyjane

Posted by:desleyjane

photographer, blogger, planner, scientist, dog lover, frequent flyer, daughter, sister, BFF, human

14 replies on “The Sweet Life – 5

      1. Wow, have just had a quick look at an Olympus OMD EM5 and it looks brilliant! I need to downsize from my Nikon but I don’t want to downgrade. This could be the answer. Thank you so much Desley.πŸ’

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        1. It’s fabulous. I have the original. There is a MkII now and also the EM10 and EM1 😊 It’s micro four thirds son needs different lenses and the lenses aren’t exactly cheap. My favourite is the 60mm macro but I do have my eye on the 30mm macro next 😊😊

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