Just like last time we went to Lorne, we again went to Kennet River to see if we could spot some koalas in the wild. And we did! This time, my visitor was from the US and he was suitably impressed with these cute little guys.

x desleyjane

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17 replies on “Koalas at Kennet River

  1. Victoria is the best place for koala spotting. We camped at Mt Eccles and there was one rambling around inspecting our campsite. The first time I heard one, I thought it was a rheumy old man in the next tent. You’ve got some great shots.

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  2. My favourite part of being in Australia has been spotting the wildlife in the wild. Kangaroos, wallabies, koalas. Such a treat! And you’d better get planting more eucalypts by the sound of it!

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