Welcome to another RegularRandom, where we spend just five minutes with a single subject or a frame, shooting from different angles, seeing how the light changes, all the while trying to interfere with our subject as little as possible.

It had to happen eventually, you knew I would spend five minutes with Gidget. Here she is, she really needs a haircut!

Gidget is a Maltese x Lhasa Apso. She is seven years old and was born on Valentine’s Day. She is the light of my life.

Will you join us for #regularrandom? It’s just five minutes! Just tag your post and link back to this one.


x desleyjane

PS – no macro today!!

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34 replies on “Five Minutes with MissGidget

    1. Haha yes I’m sure she was miffed. She always followed me around to every shoot. She really is such a little poser. She knows the camera. Number 3 is definitely “personality on display!” X


  1. I had a Maltese. She was found dodging traffic the day after Christmas many years ago. I brought her home then brought her to the shelter (in absolute tears) to see if anyone claimed her. The people at the kennel were so wonderful because they knew I really wanted her, so on the day when she could go up for adoption, I took off from work, camped out in my car and then brought her home, I had Muffin for 10 years. She was fearless, and so darn cute. I still miss her. Miss Gidget is the cutest mix–she is adorable, Desley.

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        1. LOL yes that’s true. She has just eaten a big bowl of biscuits and some rice and tuna ;her favourite) but she’s still looking at my as if she’s starving. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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