Location 4 for the TheaTheos shoot was the little suburb of Northcote in Melbourne. This was after lunch, and after a session in the studio where we avoided the sunniest part of the day.

I loved the graffiti and wall art here. Just stunning and great colours to work with.

Location 1 : Greek Orthodox Church

Location 2 : Rathdowne Village

Location 3 : East Elevation

And more shots on my portfolio site.

x desleyjane

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12 replies on “Client Shoot – Fashion Model – Northcote

  1. Nice shoot.

    One comment . . . the shot with her holding the hat, the shadows under her eyes makes her look tired. I might not use that shot or I would retouch it.

    Just a suggestion, but then I’m not a fashion shooter . . . or a people shooter.

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      1. Duplicate the layer, then try the Dodge tool (Midtones or Shadow or both) at 50% exposure or so with the hardness set low. Successive strokes will cumulatively lighten. When done, you might want to use the Blur tool to smooth out the work you’ve done. Don’t know how well it will work, but make sure you work on the raw file or original shot before you sharpen and do other processing.

        I’m not an expert either, but that’s what I would try.

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