These photos were taken at Eureka SkyDeck in Melbourne. Eighty-eight floors up and looking out over my beautiful city.

I was putting my camera away when I noticed this reflection. I was standing close to the glass and my brother was behind me, about 15 metres away and I was struck by how cool it looked.


Looking Out
Melbourne City

x desleyjane

Posted by:desleyjane

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8 replies on “Reflections of a Man and a City.

  1. Great reflections: perfectly placed against the apricot background and framed by clouds and city. Skydeck next time – I like achieving such heights when I know the city a bit, so I can recognise places I’ve been, and see where I might want to go.

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    1. Yes I agree about knowing what you’re looking at. Darren is looking into a little telescope (made of crystals – an artwork on itself) and the telescopes are all pointing at a landmark and labeled as such.


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