With my new job, I’ve been getting up incredibly early (for me) at around 6am. It’s Winter in Melbourne and the sun doesn’t rise until a little after 7:30am at the moment and the temperature at 6am is usually around 4 degrees Celsius.

Last Saturday morning (yes Saturday, NOT a workday), I got up around 7:20am and as usually, stumbled my way towards the coffee machine. Of course, I had to go past my massive windows/doorway to the balcony and saw three hot air balloons floating past, just minding their own business I guess.

So I grabbed my camera and ran out there in my pyjamas and no shoes and managed to get these two shots before my feet started to freeze and I started shaking so much I was afraid I might drop my camera (I may be slightly exaggerating for theatrical effect).




I can’t decide whether I prefer colour or black and white. I do love those clouds high up in the sky and I absolutely love the fog over the city. The colour shot is a pretty good representation of what the colours were like. Orange sky and a blue haze to the fog over the city.

I would like to go up in a hot air balloon one day.

Have you done it? Was it amazing?

x desleyjane


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26 replies on “Up in the Clouds

    1. Hahaha, love the idea of you zipping around in the car following a balloon, much like Bill Paxton chasing down a Twister! Yeah freezing. It’s almost 7am and I have walk GG in 7 degrees eek!

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  1. What lovely serendipity. The colours are fantastic – b&w is no competition! All those lovely little light dots too: street lights? Or are other Melburnians up early too?

    You’ve got plenty of time to go up in a balloon: my aunt in law did it to celebrate her 80th birthday with her terrified daughter in tow. She was only just persuaded not to parachute.

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    1. Oh wow parachuting is definitely not on my list but I’d love to do the hot air balloon. Yes I think they’re street lights. Thanks Meg, I was happy to get these shots, they were very difficult.


  2. Colour definitely. Lovely pink-purple tones and you managed to capture one of the balloons firing its heater (or whatever the tech term is!) We used to see them going over our flat in Surrey and I would also run outside to try and capture a shot. Never been in one. I quite fancy doing a trip over the Masai Mara but suspect that will never happen!

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  3. I bet you thought you were dreaming! Such a fabulous sight 🙂 🙂 I’ve never wanted a handsome prince to carry me off on his stead but I wouldn’t mind being snatched up by a hot air balloon.

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