For The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Satisfaction

When I saw Jen H’s post above about how she feels satisfaction with new office supplies, I 100% knew how she feels. I am addicted to stationery so much that I have dedicated an entire blog and Instagram account to it. 

But for this week’s challenge, I want to share with you the satisfaction I get when creating an image that just sings to me. 

As a side business, I do product photography and I adore it. There is something so calming and soothing about focusing on one thing to create beautiful images. It’s why I love macro so much, and I always include some macro shots of the product details when I do a product shoot. 

There is a whole process that I go through for a new shoot. After I talk to the client, I brainstorm some ideas and then I go shopping to get a few new props, just so that I’m keeping the photos fresh. 

Then I set up my white space by my big glass sliding door (it’s about 3m wide, with a tonne of light) and start playing around with the product in that space. 

This photo above just came out of that process. When I bought the wreath and the marble tray, I didn’t have this specific shot in mind. I just loved the pieces and thought they would work within the shoot in general.

But in the moment, it all comes together for me. 

That’s what is so satisfying. When I’m in that moment, the ideas just flow and a truly beautiful image emerges. 

I love this photo. It speaks to me. Actually it sings to me. I hope it sings to you too. 

If you would like to work with me on some product photography, please send me an email at 

x desleyjane 
Handbag by: Thea&Theos 

Wreath by: AveryArden

Tray by: Adairs 

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