kikkiK-326Ultimately, I write in order to connect with people. I wouldn’t have said that a few years ago – I would have said that I write for myself or because I have to get the words out. But that’s not true. It’s not the driving force (well sometimes it is). The main driving force is the need to interact with other people.

When I first began blogging, I joined a WordPress Blogging University Photography Challenge (photo101) and there I met 4 other photographically-minded individuals (Andy, Justine, Lucile & Mara) and we all hit it off so very well. We talked to each other and supported each other’s adventure through the blogosphere. I loved that little community. I even met up with Justine & Lucile in London when I visited (from Australia) for work.

One of the crew (Andy) started a writing challenge called Dark Side Thursday and that was exactly what I’d been waiting for. And I didn’t even realize I’d been waiting for it!

You see, I’d been traveling for work, all over the place, all of the time. And it was exhausting. But I had inadvertently taken up writing, almost without noticing. I would board the plane, take my seat, put my headphones on and open the Notes app on my phone. And I would just write. And write. And write. My thumbs would fly across the little keyboard and type out a short story.

Most often, the stories were a little dark. I’m a fan of horror and thriller movies. And I’ve always had a bit of a dark side. Some people may find this difficult to believe if they’ve only seen my pink, flowery, sugary photos 😁

But yes. Dark stories. And so I welcomed Andy’s Dark Side Thursday posts. I would wait up until midnight on Thursday nights because that was the time when Andy’s posts went live. And I would post my dark story and then wait for the reaction. Would people like it? Would it be too dark? What would I find in the comments?

It worked. It satisfied something in me. It gave me something to pass the time on planes. And it gave me that interaction that I didn’t even know I’d been craving.

The last time I wrote a Dark Side Thursday post was in December 2015. I had been writing a serial – a series of short stories as part of a larger, complete story – and I finished it in December 2015.

I wrote a few things after that, but then I moved from Brisbane to Melbourne and had no more time available to write. I kind of lost the motivation. I still write. I write for work and I wrote short blog posts to accompany my photos but I don’t write stories anymore.

I think that’s what has motivated me to join this course – Writing: Finding Everyday Inspiration. I want to write again.

It’s looking promising!

x desleyjane

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44 replies on “Why Do I Write?

  1. Oh my…such memories, and thank you for the mention. I have been thinking how best to write more. I’ve been on the road for almost a year now in Western Africa. So, not written as much. The period you referred to was a roller coaster, some good times, some bad times. But, along the way some friendships have endured and some lessons have been learned. May even take a look at that writing course myself , I may also write another 52 week story. Who knows…
    Take care, and thank you.

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    1. Oh Andy. Such kind words and so lovely to hear from you. It’s almost like old times. It would be amazing if you join the course too. We could be each other’s accountability buddy on this journey to rediscover writing. I noticed you’re considering reinstating a version of DST. I am in! I don’t fly anymore though, so I’ll have to learn to write OUTSIDE of airplanes! I’ve missed you Andy. You take care too. Hope to see you around here more often.

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      1. It’s great to be back in touch! I remember reminiscing about the time I used to spend flying when in Australia, well now I am flying just as much as I used to once again. Interestingly the initials DST resonate in many ways. When I first came out to Sydnt, back in July 2007, I held what must be one of the longest job titles in history. I was the Executive Director of Digital Australia and Deputy Secretary in the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts. Following a change of government shortly after I arrived DCITA became DBCDE and Digital Australia became the Digital Switchailover Taskforce. Or DST! The great thing was that when giving interviews on the radio, and I gave a lot, simply introducing me took up half the available time… Happy Days πŸ˜‰

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          1. Hahaha all good. I completely understood you. I have a new iMac at home too but opted for the “normal” mouse. Work is buying me a new iMac for work too (yay, no more PC!) – I think I’ll try the trackpad there. Do you recommend it otherwise?

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              1. It was always an unmarked door…pretty cool, they would always greet you by name. Only problem was, especially in Canberra, you had to be careful what you said because there was always the risk of (for example) complaining about the actions of the Treasurer or Minister of Whatnot and then realizing he was sitting just behind you…

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  2. Oh, those were the fun times, Desley. Andy wrote dark and you wrote darker. Which I loved–and I don’t do horror stories, and yours were horrifying! And I mean that in a good way. I so enjoy how you have progressed with your photography–like, fabulous, professional photography. I will always enjoy your photos, but look forward to the Dark Side of Desleyjane.

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  3. My dearest friend, what a pleasure to read your post and go back in time!
    Blogging has been a wonderful experience because of the connections and I feel privileged to have come across people like you, and above all, that we became friends outside virtual life.
    You truly master the art of photography and writing, and there is no need to ask why you write or shoot, as you do it with love and and passion, and that’s why we love it too.
    You know I hate horror but you and Andy are the only ones who made me enjoy it, just yours!
    Those were great times with Andy, Justine, Mara and many more to mention here.
    Thanks for the post.

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    1. That is truly the best compliment that you enjoy my dark stories. Thank you. And thank you for such lovely words. I’ve missed our interaction here so much. It is my pleasure x.


  4. Beautiful ❀️ I wrote something of mine recently with the same title would you read it and tell me what you think? it will mean alot to me ❀️this goes to everyone ❀️


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