Blogger Babes
Blogger Babes

I am so blessed to have met such lovely people here in the WordPress world. As many of you know, I recently went to Cambridge (UK) for a work trip. It was an intensive trip with long work days immediately followed by evening social events. It was a fantastic week actually. Work finished up on the Friday night and the next morning I drove up to London to visit with Justine from Eclectic OddsnSods and Lucile from Bridging Lacunas.

I joined WordPress and started my blog in Late October 2014 then joined the November Photo101 Challenge immediately. Justine, Lucile and I hit it off immediately and keep in touch regularly. I became part of a group now known as Lucile’s Photo101 Rehab Clinic – a group of really talented people who I value my interactions with greatly. 

As I said above, I feel truly blessed to have met Justine and Lucile online and I jumped at the chance to meet them in person. It was an exciting thought, although many of the people in my “real life” did find it slightly strange that I was going to be meeting strangers. I was given a lot of interesting advice. For example, I was advised to take photos of the house and street and send it to my parents just in case (I didn’t do this). I guess it was slightly daunting, wondering whether we would get along as well face-to-face but I wasn’t really concerned because we do communicate often and talk about everything. 

Justine graciously hosted the meet-up at her lovey home, along with her husband and two gorgeous boys. When I arrived, Justine came out to greet me and I was instantly put at ease by her bright warmth. Then she brought me inside to meet Lucile and her husband and I honestly felt like we knew each other already. It was a great day. Justine had prepared a lavish lunch for us, we had wine, everyone was chatting and taking photos all the time, it was fabulous.

For those of you who follow Justine’s blog, you will remember that she features “Richmond Park” in her Changing Seasons Challenge posts. We were lucky enough to take a walk after lunch through the park, the seven of us and Teddy the dog. We chatted easily the whole time in pairs, in groups and we were all in our elements, cameras at the ready, taking photos again.



We finished the afternoon with a drink at the local pub and then back to Justine’s for cards and a late supper. I believe I am the reigning rummy champion, right girls?!!?

I had a wonderful time with these two gorgeous women and their families and I am so glad that we decided to meet. We will absolutely meet again. I’m also very grateful to Justine for taking us in for the night, it was very generous of her and I was made to feel completely at home.

The gals.
The gals.

Good friends should be treasured forever, and these two are certainly lifelong good friends of mine now – we are the three blogger babes!

x desleyjane



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69 replies on “Blogger Babes in London

  1. Awe I wanna cry actually I am crying!! What a sop!!! I had a brilliant time and so glad you took the plunge to come and visit and so so happy about our time together. Your coming back again girlie for sure πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ both you and Lucile are wonderful friends and I’m lucky to know you xx

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  2. One week ago I headed to London with hubby, ready for any surprise. Good ones followed though. We never met in person but we had made a strong connection, those that many people think are not possible online. Well, they haven’t been lucky enough to meet a frequent flying scientist, nor an eclectic ‘odds’ n sods Londoner.

    Desley might have worked her science on us, so that a perfect chemistry happened amongst us. Hubbies, kids and the gals, in perfect tune. Alchemy of the hearts defying all wrong beliefs that differences cannot bring people together!

    I cannot stop expressing my gratitude to Justine and her lovely 3 boys for a heartwarming welcoming and 100 * hospitality. Delicious food, prepared with mastery and much love. Jussie, you set a high standard, very difficult to match. Thank you!

    It was an unforgettable time, and a royal opening (at Betty’s turf) of a friendship, marking the beginning of what is set to be a long lasting one with two amazing women.
    Miss you babes!

    Beautiful post. Thank you! What a great way to start my weekend.

    PS. Teary, teary, teary…
    Could you please never again mention your countless wins? Prepare for revenge. You gave me the cards, or are they chemically treated to make me always lose? LOL.

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  3. What a fantastic visit! Thanks for sharing this post. Seeing you three together is wonderful and makes everyone even more real! I’m really happy that you all had such a great time.

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  4. Oh, so much WordPress love being shared round the blogs! So happy you got to experience the same thing I did not too long ago, Desley! What a wonderful time with wonderful memories. Delighted for all of you! πŸ™‚

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  5. I did wonder if you would be meeting any fellow bloggers when I saw where you were headed for your trip. This is absolutely wonderful, DesleyJane, and I’m so glad you three had a fantastic time together. I only hope I can do the same someday with people I’ve met here. πŸ™‚

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  6. I have to confess that I felt real envy , What luck to meet you and I have had so much fun together. Seeing the photos seemed to recognize me Justine Park , and reading it I was excited to go and you ‘ve enjoyed a lot . I’d love to have that experience someday. What a shame that the language can not have more conversations with you !!! You are great. Hugs .
    MariΓ‘ngeles .

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  7. Happy Sunday!
    When you mentioned in your post of the plane photos that you went to the UK and Amsterdam, I was wondering if you’d meet up with Justine and Lucile!
    I read this post with a HUGE HUGE smile on my face. I can imagine the fantastic time together!
    I love all your gallery photos and especially the last one of the three of you! What a special moment that blogging brought you all together.
    If you ever come to NYC, please let me know as I’d love to show you around as well!

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    1. Thank you Lia! Happy Sunday to you too! Although Happy Monday now…..
      Thank you, it was a wonderful day. And absolutely, thanks I will let you know! Likewise, if you come to Australia, let me know πŸ˜„

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    1. Oh it’s an amazing place with fabulous people. I’ve never been to Sacramento, would love to. I’ve been to San Fran, LA, San Jose and San Diego on the East Coast. It’s a majestic place from what I’ve seen so far. If only Australia wasn’t so far from everywhere!
      These gals are the best x.

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  8. Woooow!! So very envious of the three of you. Glad to see the trio and co catching up and it definitely looks like you all had a splendid time through the beautiful pictures. U also got to sample Justine’s mouth watering cooking!! Haha.

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  9. Loved reading about your get together what a great time you 3 babes had I am just catching up with the blogosphere having been away for a while in NZ and during that time I had the absolute joy of meeting up with fellow blogger Jill of “Jill’ Scene” We had a fun day and like you DJ I was blown away at the way the WP world can create such good friendships.

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