A friend recently asked me if I had any photos of glass buildings that I could share with him and so I trolled through all of my photos from the last few years where I thought I might find some.

I really like this collection and so I thought I’d share it with you. I’ve shared a number of these before, but never in a collection like this.

Building with Glass-1
Building with Glass-2
Building with Glass-3
Building with Glass-4
Building with Glass-5
Building with Glass-6
Building with Glass-7
Building with Glass-8
Building with Glass-9
Building with Glass-10
Building with Glass-11
Building with Glass-12
Buildings and architecture can be tricky to shoot. The angles are difficult because you’re usually looking up. But I say – don’t be afraid to get low and shoot right up the side of the building – you can get some very interesting shots that way.

Also, remember that you’ll often have bright sky around the building, so you’ll need to compensate for that. It is a good idea to shoot a little underexposed. Then, when you’re editing, you can bring the highlights down to bring out the features of the sky. It also helps to use the “Graduated Filter” tool in Lightroom to apply a lower exposure to the sky.

For this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows.

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20 replies on “Buildings with Glass

  1. That is a very nice collection. I’m not in cities often enough to claim (large scale) architecture as part of my work.

    Whenever I see photos like these it almost (almost, but not quite) makes me want to go into a city and photograph stuff.

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  2. You have such a treasure there! Indeed, shooting architecture is not easy and not for peasants like me. Architects and artists like you, make even some ‘monstrosities’ mingle with nature and look beautiful.
    Your shots with reflections and depth are superior.

    Liked by 1 person

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