My next collection of the flowers I found around my neighbourhood.

Olympus OMD EM5 with 60mm macro (120mm equivalent), handheld, low light, frozen shoulder.

x desleyjane


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20 replies on “The Flowers of Brunswick East (4)

  1. In a garden? I usually see it wild in the bush, and wondered how it would naturalise to a garden. Dianella or flax lily. It’s berries will be worth your photographic attention too. Your shoulder’s been a long time frozen. Any sign of unfreezing?

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    1. Yes in a garden down the street from me 😊 Thank you for identifying it. It’s lovely. Are the berries lavender in colour??
      The shoulder’s been bad for two months now. I’ve seen the doctor, he thinks it’s actually a torn rotator cuff. Ultrasound and X-ray this week. I’ve written a post about it actually…. more to come.


      1. No. Not a torn rotator cuff! I had a mild dose and the physiotherapist was useful. My daughter a much more severe one that required heavy duty drugs to enable her to get to her sister’s wedding. May the testing lead to healing. Dianella berries are an incredibly rich shiny purple, but not as beautiful as an untorn rotator cuff!

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  2. An extraordinary plant, and am thankful to Meg for the identification. A frozen shoulder is a horrid thing. I once had two at once when we were desperately trying but failing to sell our home and move. I found several sessions of Shiatsu massage (i.e. acupressure through light clothing) started the unfreezing process. Wishing you well 🙂

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  3. It is a beautiful flower and composition, hun, and you get more points for making it with a frozen shoulder and handheld. A true master. Would like to try acupuncture! It was the only thing that helped me. Sending my best vibes to you.

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