A very strange plant, this one. I have to call upon my lovely gardening friends to help me out!

Actually, I don’t know what most of the flowers I post are… Would you believe I did a Botany class at University? LOL.

x desleyjane

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30 replies on “The Flowers of Brunswick East (8)

  1. Looks a lot like a crocosmia or montbretia crossed with kangaroo paw! Help! We need the expertise of PP (Pommepal / Pauline) for this one. Did you pass that botany course btw? 😀 😀

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          1. Pauline – some help for adding comments to your site. if you click on My Sites (top left of your blog) and scroll right down to the bottom, clock on WP Admin which takes you to the older admin settings. Once there scroll down to Settings, then Discussion. This is where you can allow people to comment and decide on other discussion settings. Scroll to the bottom to save the settings. If you do this people will be able to comment on all your posts. If you don’t want them to you can ‘turn off’ comments on an individual post. If you need any further help, let me know!!
            Jude xx

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