Just a quick note before this post to say that my FoBE posts are all scheduled in advance, most written in early October. 


This is from my second trip around Brunswick East. When I walk Gidget in the evening, I go across the road and down the street and back up again. In the mornings, we go around to the street behind our apartment and go up and down that street.

This collection if from the morning walk. It was about 7:30am (sunrise is about 6:50am).

Again, there are too many for a single post, so I’ll split them up into multiple posts for you.

These little white flowers featured in a few gardens. I’ve chosen two sets here:

a single bud
some extra editing
Olympus OMD EM5 with 60mm macro (120mm equivalent), handheld, early morning light, 7 degrees(!) and painful shoulder (still).

I have quite enjoyed this process. I’ve really missed my garden in Brisbane and so this feels like I get to experience many gardens!

More to come πŸ™‚

x desleyjane

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16 replies on “The Flowers of Brunswick East (13)

  1. Looks like Jasmine. Did it smell nice? I missed having a garden so much after moving into a flat and then a townhouse without a garden. Getting my garden here in Cornwall has been the best thing I could have done. There is something so satisfying about getting soil under your finger nails.

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    1. Yes I think it’s jasmine, it certainly smelled like it. The gardens smell amazing at the moment, especially in the morning. It’s a lovely walk. Yes I miss the garden too. Did I say that already?

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      1. You did, but I can understand you repeating it πŸ˜€ At least you have a nice walk in the suburbs where you can enjoy other people’s gardens without the work involved. And I am sure you will have a house and garden again at some point.

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