This was actually two bushy trees planted very close together, so the flowers intermingled between all the bushy leaves and stems.

Such an intricate flower, in two beautiful colour combinations.


Olympus OMD EM5, 60mm macro, early morning, handheld, wishing for more sleep.

x desleyjane


Posted by:desleyjane

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5 replies on “The Flowers of Brunswick East (21)

  1. These photos are so gorgeous DJ. The flowers and leaves look like magnolias, but with much smaller flowers than I am used to seeing so I had to look this up. I think it is MICHELIA figo or Banana shrub and the flowers are supposed to smell like bananas or pear drops! Also known as Magnolia figo / port wine magnolia. Not frost hardy so that might explain why I haven’t seen it grown here as it needs to be indoors although maybe it could grow in Cornwall. Thanks for sharing this one and I hope that you are getting some support with the shoulder – any news?


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