On Melbourne Cup Day, I had lunch with friends and then we went for a wander along Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. I’ve always liked the little shops on this eclectic and busy street. This day was no exception. We discovered a real gem – an art supplies store with the most beautiful papers, stationery, cards and many other delightful items, including this brilliant array of colourful twine.


Above is how I would usually edit this photo. Lately, I’ve been applying some Lightroom presets and having a bit of a play with edits. Here are my three versions, starting with the usual black and white – I just can’t bear to not see the gorgeous colours though.


While I love the light in the “oversaturated” shot, I think my favourite is the soft pastel glow. Will you join in, trying some new presets or adventurous editing techniques? #onephotothreeways

The store is called Kami – you can see their website here.

I recently used some of their gorgeous paper for a RegularRandom shoot here.

x desleyjane

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3 replies on “One Photo, Three (Four) Ways

  1. I LOVE art shops at the moment my very favourite experience is finding new ones to visit. I think I like the soft pastel one best DJ certainly not suitable for the black and white. Now I will go check out their web site.


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