I have a friend (who also happens to be a work colleague) who has been such a great help to me, and especially so since I tore the tendon in my shoulder. So when he asked me to do a mini photo shoot for his wife for their 30th Wedding Anniversary, I was excited to do it!

The brief was to create a photograph using some of her favourite shoes and handbags to make into an anniversary card. He stealthily removed the shoes (singles) from their boxes as well as a handbag and dropped them off at my place on a Friday morning.

I had another friend staying with me at the time, so very Kindly took me to buy red roses and then set up my pop up studio for me before she left, and I spent the Sunday late afternoon creating this shoot.

I started with a red backdrop but it wasn’t really working for me, so I switched to classic black and loved it.

He was thrilled with the results and chose the feature photo to make the card. Here is the final product:


I also had a play with some Lightroom presets on one of the simpler shots:

Happy Anniversary to Glenn and Ancita!

x desleyjane


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26 replies on “A Special Shoot

  1. He made the right choice, DJ. What a fabulous shot you produced! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ How did you come to tear the tendon? I knew you had a problem but wasn’t sure what. Sounds like it will be slow to heal. Hope it didn’t spoil your Christmas.

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    1. Thank you Jo 😊
      I strained the tendon through years of carrying bags that were far too heavy and it eventually developed a tear. But 4-5 months ago, I picked up a bag from behind my couch, at a very strange angle, and it snapped the remainder of the tendon in half. It’s definitely taking its time to get better, but I’ve noticed improvement this week in particular. I’m still on holidays for another couple of days!


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