I think this is the last set of FoBE flowers that I have uploaded, and I’m not sure if I have anymore! It must be almost time to head back out for more photos!

x desleyjane

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12 replies on “The Flowers of Brunswick East (36)

  1. Astonishingly good in B&W. Who’d have thought it? People’s gardens are a constant source of delight to me too, influenced as I am by you!

    Good too to know you’re contemplating another walk around. Is this a sign of shoulder-healing?Is Miss Gidget back with you and ready for walkies? I bet she gets as much pleasure as you, albeit differently.

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    1. Thank you! I’m very happy to be an enabler!
      This was from a previous walk – I don’t think I’m up to walking around with the camera yet, I’ve just been doing some shoots at home where I can rest the camera on a table if need be. I do walk GG twice a day as usual though, since I came back from Mackay. We do love getting out and about.
      I had a good report from the physiotherapist last week – I’ve doubled my range of movement and graduated to the next range of exercises to strengthen the tendons that I haven’t been using for 4 months. Getting there, slowly but most surely.

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        1. Hi Meg. I think I’m now at pre-surgery levels of pain but maybe a little more movement. All on track according to the docs. I see the Physio again tomorrow for another checkup.


  2. Now these ARE my favourite summer flowers. Argyranthemum (pink ones) and Osteospermum (purple and white). I am a sucker for anything in the daisy family, but the Osteospermum always have such interesting centres. I look forward to seeing what is flowering in your neighbourhood now. Hope all is going well with the shoulder xx

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    1. Daisies are just so pretty aren’t they?! It’s been very hot here lately but cooling off at the moment. The shoulder is coming along – not ready for a walking photo tour yet, but I’ve been walking GG twice a day and am back at work… xx

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