Last weekend, we had a public holiday on Monday for Labour Day and my friend Julie invited me to join her in her studio for a mystery photo shoot. “Bring your camera and a sense of adventure,” she said.

Julie had prepared a series of awesome little workstations for us to photograph. My favourite was a set of flowers, frozen in ice. What a great idea! Julz has a friend who had done something similar, so she was keen for us to try it.

This first series is of a rose, a beautiful peach colour, soft and delicate, caught up in ice. I have a lot more shots to share, but this is my first series, showing the transition from a full block of ice to a thin shard.





I loved photographing these, watching for the moment when this delicate rose was released from the ice. I was fascinated by these flowers, constantly being drawn back to shoot them again and again.

x desleyjane

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23 replies on “F(rose)n in Time (1)

  1. This is soooooo cool!!!! (ok, pun intended!) So fun & lovely! My brain is just clicking now, how these can be used as a centrepiece for a dinner table …. you know, instead of the ice sculpture of a swan, or a table arrangement of flowers?

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