For those of you who don’t know, I have a mild (not mild) addiction to stationery, which I blog about elsewhere. My favourite brand is kikki.K and I post lots of photos of their products (and others) on my other Instagram account (@desleyjane_plans). They recently contacted me to ask me to join them on a new project as a Planner Insider. I am so excited 😊

There are 6 of us Planner Insiders from all over the world so far and one of us will be featured each month in their advertising, showing off a new product of theirs.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you here some of the recent product photography photos that I’ve taken for my stationery instagram account, since that is how I spend a lot of my spare time, and I think some of you will really resonate with these photos.

Product shots take a lot of time to set up. I try to style mine as naturally as possible, in what I call a “lifestyle” look. Focal length is very important. For example in the photo of the flamingo pens above, I’ve used a short focal length to really make an impact with the pens. In the shots with text or writing, I’ve made an effort to keep the focus on the important words (sparkle! and Ed Sheeran, for example).

I hope you like these, and this little look into my other life 😊

x desleyjane

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17 replies on “My Other Life

  1. I love stationary and kikki.k too! Just placed a huge order for the “own your story” collection and I’m so excited to receive them hopefully next week! 😀

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