As you know, I was obsessed with Julie’s set up for frozen flowers melting under the camera. Today, I’m sharing with you the second flower, a Dogwood rose. In real life, it seemed a little boring to shoot since the petals became quite limp when wet, unlike the previous peach rose. But when I was editing them, I found them to be quite stunning. Here’s the first transition.

We left these for a while, to do some other shoots (skittles and icy poles) but I did return to these roses over and over again. This is quite a bit later, you can see how thin the ice block has become. I decided to pick it up and take a look at it from the side.

And one shot, edited just for you Julz πŸ’•

DogwoodRose_2-2Please go take a look at Julie’s shots of this same frozen dogwood rose set up here.

x desleyjane

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