Last weekend, my bestie Moana and I went to Auckland, New Zealand for a long weekend. One of the things we did was drive to Hobbiton, the Lord of the Rings movie set where The Shire was set up with all the Hobbit Holes and Hobbit villages.

We had such a great trip – it was brilliant to get away for a few days, hang out with my best friend, chat and road trip and take pictures and just chill out.

I have another post coming up with a series of flowers from Hobbiton as well, but I wanted to include these two here, since they remind me of the part in the movie where Froddo is wrapped in a massive spider web.

x desleyjane

Posted by:desleyjane

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9 replies on “A Hobbiton Adventure

  1. I just adored this place DJ and I can imagine, like me, you took SO many photos. I do like your header one with the marigolds in focus and the Hobbit house an out of focus image in the back ground, lovely composition.


  2. Your header is fabulous. As is New Zealand. How wonderful to “pop over for the weekend” I really hope I get the opportunity to visit NZ again and perhaps visit this cute place.


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