Since moving to Melbourne more than two years ago, I’ve yet to find a good spot to capture sunsets. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of great sunset spots, but finding somewhere easy to get to and at the right time of day is difficult. Given where I work though, I might have to investigate the outdoor spaces there at sunset.

On the other hand, my balcony affords me some pretty spectacular sunrises.

In Brisbane, my most magical spot for sunsets was overlooking Story Bridge and I have so many images captured there. I love this view and always try to get a few shots there whenever I go back to Brisbane.

For this week’s The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.

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14 replies on “Rise / Set

  1. They are all gorgeous. And living in a flat gives you an advantage for seeing the sunrises. I used to live in a second-floor flat that faced east – west. We got sunrises in the kitchen in the morning and sunsets in the lounge in the evening. Perfect. At that time I was working so got to see both ends of the day 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much! Yes those balloon shots are taken from my balcony and the view overlooks the Dandenongs in the distance. I should say I face the East (north, north east actually). The city is to the right in the photo. I consider myself mostly converted. I still don’t like the football lol but I joined the tipping comp at work. I do miss things about Brisbane, especially my people, and my Easy trips to south bank and the bridge – I just haven’t found places here that give me the same feeling. But, there’s so much here that I have found and have been able to do and have happened that wouldn’t have happened in Brisbane. The short answer is that I’m happy I moved and am glad to be here. 😊

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      1. Always takes a while to settle into a new place, so I’m pleased to hear you have adjusted to Melbourne. I would love to visit for the big Melbourne garden show, it is on my to do list


  2. I al aye wanted to visit Australia since the time years ago when I was in the Army and serving with the Royal Australian Army. My heart is to one day be in your country! Great sunset photos!


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