I took these photos at Easter in 2004. I was living in Brisbane, but had gone home to Sarina (Queensland) for the Easter holidays. I had a Canon point and shoot (it was an IXUS 400, my first digital camera).

I wandered around my Dad’s shed and took a bunch of photos. They aren’t great shots in hindsight, I had a lot to learn, but I enjoyed them, and I still enjoy them. I framed them in a collage for my Dad for his milestone birthday that year, and that collage has graced their walls ever since, through each house they’ve lived in.

Su Leslie reminded me of these shots with her exquisite shots that she took of the motorcycle in her workshop – you can see them here.

I hope you enjoy my 14 year old photos, re-edited here for you to share with me and my Dad. There are a few here that didn’t make it to the frame – I hope Dad enjoys them this time around 😀

x desleyjane

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8 replies on “14YO Shots

    1. Thanks so much Su, that really means a lot to me. Going back through the shots I noticed my focus not right in some, too much light in others, and just started to doubt myself. But I do like the feel of them 😊 Thanks again.

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      1. That’s called learning! 😀 I’m doing a year long photo project in a friend’s art studio and am finding fault in shots I took even a few months ago (and liked at the time).
        Your shots are part of your journey and you can be really proud of them for themselves and as testament to your growth.

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