Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.

– Rumi.

This is my final series of edits from the Rhoeo spathacea shoot. This particular day (I’m writing this post the same night) I was feeling a little out of sorts. It was hot and humid and we’d been out all day. My best friend (Moana) and I had been having a great time, but I wasn’t feeling the best towards the end of the day. So when we arrived home, I took my camera out into the backyard and sat with these plants photographing them for just five minutes. Moana had suggested I shoot them for a new gallery wall that she’s putting together. I felt remarkably better for just spending time with my camera, immersed in getting the shot. I then spent another five minutes with her dog, which was great fun.

After dinner, we watched a few episodes of one of our favourite shows (season 2 of Gilmore Girls) while Moana put together a new hall table, and I edited the photos. A couple of hours passed easily while I played with light and colour and contrast. And I was happy. I feel much better.

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.

x desleyjane

Posted by:desleyjane

photographer, blogger, planner, scientist, dog lover, frequent flyer, daughter, sister, BFF, human

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