The lavender rose is often a sign of enchantment and love at first sight. Those who have been enraptured by feelings of love and adoration have used lavender roses to express their romantic feelings and intentions.

I picked up some lavender roses from a little local grocery store on the weekend and took some time with them on Sunday evening. I’d had a weekend predominantly at home, my first one like it in a while, since I’ve been away on holidays with family and friends for Christmas and New Years.

As usual, very therapeutic hanging out with my camera and some roses – it seems like an age since I’ve shot roses. Even more therapeutic was the time spent editing the photos – it’s amazing to see an image change into something completely different with just a few changes, a few clicks here and there.

So, here are three of my favourite edits from the shoot.

x desleyjane

Posted by:desleyjane

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