I’ve been up well before sunrise 4 days out of 6 this week. Early starts at work are not the best fun, but at least I get to catch the sunrise. This morning (Sunday) was the first time I felt compelled to actually go out and watch the sunrise, and I was very happy to see the little crescent moon and star high up in the sky.

Edit: I’m told the star is actually Venus! It was a little phenomenon today 😁

x desleyjane

Posted by:desleyjane

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5 replies on “Sunrise 03.03.19

  1. I’m up before sunrise everyday, because I teach English to kids in China and there’s a 12 hour time difference from where I am in the US. Their 6:00 pm evening class is 6:00 am for me.

    I used hate getting up ewrky


    1. Oh shoot. Pressed “post” on my phone before it was posted.

      Anywho, I used to hate getting up early, but my online teaching job has helped me to appreciate it more. I don’t always see the sunrise, but I do love when I catch a glimpse of it from my window.

      Your sunrise pictures are beautiful, Desley. It’s such a beautiful time of day.


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